Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  Many people will be having stay at home street parties and decorating themselves and their homes in red, white and blue to commemorate this day that marked the end of the war in Europe.

Here are some activities and resources to help you to do the same if you’d like to participate.

At 9am on 8th May, The Queen will address the nation and there will be a live stream on BBC – which is the exact same time that her father, King George VI, spoke to the UK 75 years ago, on VE Day itself.

BBC – Great British Bunting

British Legion VE Day events

BBC Teach – VE Day explained for KS2 children

Newsround – What is VE Day?

VE DAY: Lockdown Party Ideas

Send us a photo of your bunting or your “stay at home” street party and we will put them into a collage.